Saint Anthony of Padua Cathedral, Békéscsaba, Hungary | Békéscsaba in Hungary
Csabagyöngye Kulturális Központ, Békéscsaba | Békéscsaba in Hungary
A békéscsabai vasútállomás felújított épülete | Békéscsaba in Hungary
Live on Thursday, 15th of April, 2013. Békéscsaba, Hungary. After a cold, winter like period, a really nice day we are having. ©© Derzsi Elekes Andor, Budapest, 2013, You are authorised to use these photos and vids under Creative Commons – even for commercial, for profit purposes. Photos must be attributed to Derzsi Elekes Andor. All of the photos and vids in the Metapolisz DVD line are under Creative Commons and can be used even for commercial – for profit – purposes. Recommended Citation Derzsi Elekes Andor: Metapolisz DVD line  http://nektar.oszk.hu/en/manifestation/2623913   
A felvételek 2013. Április 15 –én, szerdán készültek Békéscsabán. | Békéscsaba in Hungary
Jókai Theatre, Békéscsaba, Hungary | Békéscsaba in Hungary
Statue of Lajos Kossuth, Békéscsaba, Hungary | Békéscsaba in Hungary
Az Evangélikus Gimnázium Békéscsabán | Békéscsaba in Hungary
Az AEGV (Alföldi Első Gazdasági Vasút) egykori állomásépülete a Kossuth téren, Békéscsabán | Békéscsaba in Hungary
The two evangelic churches (Békéscsaba, Hungary). | Békéscsaba in Hungary
Railway station, Békéscsaba, Hungary | Békéscsaba in Hungary
A leégett István-malom Békéscsabán | Békéscsaba in Hungary
City hall, Békéscsaba, Hungary | Békéscsaba in Hungary
A békéscsabai Angyalos-kút | Békéscsaba in Hungary
Békéscsaba város és Magyarország zászlói | Békéscsaba in Hungary
Békéscsabát átszelő élővíz csatorna, télen | Békéscsaba in Hungary
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City in 🇭🇺 Hungary with a population of around 60 thousand people.

Békéscsaba is a city in southern Hungary, known for its thermal baths and diverse cultural life. The main square, Széchenyi tér, is home to the Baroque Evangelical Lutheran Church and the 18th-century Town Hall. The latter is home to the Museum of Applied Arts, with exhibits on traditional crafts such as blacksmithing and pottery. The city is also known for its thermal baths, including the Art Nouveau Gellért Baths. The baths are set in a park with a lake, and include indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, and a steam room.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in August during the day in Békéscsaba.